Travel with your Heart
See the world. Save the planet.

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Traveliko was formed to take advantage of an opportunity to disrupt the current lopsided system and consolidate online hotel distribution, and to make travel fair, ethical, safe and value-added, making the world a better place in the process.

Traveliko loves to travel.

Travel it should be: Journeys as destinations. People going places, making friends, taking care of business, falling in love, learning, discovering, connecting, giving back and having fun.


  • Guaranteed best available rate every time you travel and full price transparency.

  • Donate part of our commission to a charity of your choice.

  • We take less so you get more; perks and other cool stuff.

  • Easy to use booking engine, with the best hotels at every price point.

  • We give hotels an incentive to be greener

Hotel brands that already work with us.

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Great user interface that follows your lifestyle.
Book a hotel room and get perks + other cool stuff.
Help your favorite charity and SAVE THE PLANET.

Traveliko is a fresh online booking engine,
here to change the way people travel.

Your journey starts here


Our Pledge

We donate 20% profit of our net overview to ‘project-oriented’ charities with measurable success metrics and you get to choose..

Hotel partners are incentivized to lessen their environmental impact via recycling, plastic reduction, eliminating harsh chemicals and more.

Traveliko is here to end the days of hotel operators being crippled by high commissions and pressured to lower their price in favor of the Online Travel Industry.

Traveliko partners save money on commissions, and put more into going green and making their hotels and services better.

“Everybody wins”

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  • “A lot of brilliant industry veterans came together to change the travel industry for the better"

    Bjorn Harvold - CTO

  • "Hospitality starts with people, the rest follows"

    Yann Gouriou - COO

Meet the team

Traveliko is the brainchild of a team of hotel industry veterans and mavericks who looked at the unfair state of hospitality and travel today, and decided they were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

New thinking, innovative measures, speed of action, true charitable service and a code of honor and ethics underpins everything Traveliko does. We bring to the table:

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Yann Gouriou

Chief Operating Officer


Bjorn Harvold

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Martijn Dekker

Chief Financial Officer

Brand Ambassador & Co-Founder

Natalie Glebova

Brand Ambassador
Former Miss Universe

Yann Gouriou Chief Operations Officer. Yann is an international hotelier with extensive experience in all operational and financial aspects of running small, medium and large volume hotel operations. He has exposure to various markets including Europe, South Pacific, Middle East, Caribbean and Asia and has a proven track record delivering positive business results while improving the tangible and intangible service aspects of operations. A passionate and dedicated leader, Yann is committed to developing and furthering talent in the industry. His last position was General Manager at Bangkok-based Akaryn Hospitality Management Services, a company operating 4 boutique hotels and 2 hotels in the start-up phase. It has 190 rooms under management with 360 employees.

Bjorn Harvold Chief Technology Officer. Bjorn found his passion for computers at the age of 7. He has 16+ years of professional experience creating and implementing enterprise-level applications in areas such as finance, banking, advertising, publishing, healthcare, education, e-commerce and music. Some of his most recent ventures include co-creating the elearning platform for the state of Texas, with 40 million daily K12 users and creating an emotional-reasoning engine that can make highly accurate suggestions on how people should make choices for a happier life. Bjorn is not only passionate about software but an entrepreneur as well. He has founded, or helped co-found, 5 startups including a software consultancy, a health information exchange, a mobile-conference calling app and a gaming company. If you ask him what his main strength is he would say: "Bringing passionate and competent people together and help facilitate birthing a vision from which to execute and create something amazing."

Martijn Dekker Chief Financial Officer. Last position Finance Director Akaryn Hospitality Management Services, a successful Bangkok-based boutique resort startup he co-founded in 2008 with two other partners. Before that he was Finance Director at HB Fuller Asia Pacific, the world’s second biggest adhesive company, overseeing USD 240 million in regional annual turnover in 9 countries. He was based in Shanghai for four years. Prior to this he was Finance Director of Greif for Asia with annual turnover of USD 200 million in the region. Greif is the world’s biggest industrial steel container packaging company. He was based in Singapore for 12 years. Martijn is a team player and has a hands-on approach. He has vast experience in setting up and developing companies and industries, implementing business information systems, formulating and implementing profit improvement plans, cost control and reduction as well as lean six sigma improvement projects. His focus is business development. He has an MSc in economics specializing in marketing. He also studied at IMD, Switzerland in 1993 and did the AMP MBA at INSEAD in 2000.

Natalie Glebova Brand Ambassador Former Miss Universe and rising star DJ Natalie Glebova is Traveliko’s brand ambassador. Natalie enjoys significant brand recognition around the world, especially in countries where she acts as a brand ambassador for various companies and charitable initiatives. She is an experienced public speaker, TV host and event MC, and runs her own company focused on healthy lifestyle and wellness - Fah Glebova International. She is currently the ambassador for Habitat for Humanity (Asia-Pacific region) and Year of the Gibbon (wildlife conservation organization), and has worked as a spokesperson for many NGO’s including WWF, UNEP, Global Health Council, and Operation Smile. Her passion and dedication for environmental and wildlife conservation integrates seamlessly with Traveliko’s ‘Travel with your heart’ credo.